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Although PSLO officially began November 1, 2008, our staff experiences are rich and solid. As a management company for long- term health care businesses (nursing homes, assisted livings), we provide all necessary resources and support so that exceptional health care is received by seniors in an environment where dignity, privacy and quality of care are second to none.

In these difficult times of budget crunching and fast-paced changes, it is more than difficult for these types of businesses to stand alone. In addition, to still remain informed of changes in trends, rules, and regulations - and to do it well. This feat is next to impossible to do alone. PSLO makes this journey smooth and easy with additional resources and knowledge.

‘Cookie Cutter’ is not our style. We know that each business has its strengths and areas of opportunity. Something that may work well with one of our Partners, may fail miserably in another. All circumstances are different. Each community is different. We strive to bring out the best in each - so they can shine brightly for all to see.

Please check out our Services page for additional details. Do not hesitate to give us a call to see how we can become your Partner In Care.

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